Joining the Deakin Cricket Club - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in joining the Deakin Cricket Club, please find some information below to the most common questions we are asked. If you require any further information, please contact a Committee member either via our Facebook page or through one of the options listed on the contacts page.

  • Who can join the Deakin Cricket Club?

    The Deakin Cricket Club is a community based sporting club, therefore anybody from the local community is welcome to join the club. Deakin University students are most welcome to join the club, but because we are a community based team, we are also open to having non-University students play at the club as well. Our club is suitable for any males over the age of 17 who have a passion for cricket. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have any junior or women’s teams.

  • When is the cricket season held?

    Cricket seasons in Melbourne are held over the warmer months. The first match of any season is usually held on the first weekend of October. Matches are then played up until the last weekend before Christmas, where a short break is had, before matches begin again in early January. The regular home and away season usually ends by the beginning of March before finals matches are played during March to decide the Premiership winner for each grade.

  • How many teams are there and when are the matches?

    Our 1st XI and 2nd XI teams are open and suitable for players aged 17 and older. They play their matches on Saturday afternoons with play starting at 1pm, and finishing around 6pm. These matches either consist of 1-day matches with each team having up to 40 overs to bat, or 2-day matches spread over two consecutive Saturdays with teams allowed to bat for up to 80 overs each. The matches played are dependent on which grade each team is in as well as the fixtures allocated by the governing body, the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association.
    Additionally, we have a T20 team which is open to all members of the Deakin Cricket Club to participate in. The T20 season is shortened with usually 5 rounds of matches which are played between November and January, before semi-finals and a grand final is held. T20 matches are played on Tuesday evenings, starting at approximately 5:15pm and concluding when a result has been achieved on that night.
    We also have a Veterans team which is restricted to players aged 40 years and older. All Veterans matches are one day games that consist of 36 overs per team. Matches are played every second Sunday and begin at 1pm and conclude around 6pm. Veterans matches are allowed to consist of squads of players up to 13-14 players and bowling and batting restrictions are in place.
    Finally, our club has a Legends team which is restricted to players aged 50 years and older. Similarly to the Veterans, matches are one day games that consist of 36 overs per team. Matches are played every second Sunday and begin at 1pm and conclude around 6pm. Legends matches are allowed to consist of squads of players up to 13-14 players and bowling and batting restrictions are in place.

  • What league does the club participate in?

    We are an affiliated member of the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association (BHRDCA), meaning that we compete against other clubs affiliated in the BHRDCA. The BHRDCA has a grading system in place to help ensure that teams are fairly equally matched. All clubs and matches within the BHRDCA are played on synthetic grass wickets. The BHRDCA is responsible for all fixtures, results and ladders calculations, and umpire allocations (only for the higher grades) for the league.

  • Where are the matches played?

    The venue of each match is dependent and dictated by the fixture set by the BHRDCA. As a guide, each of our five teams play approximately 50% of their games at our home ground of Bennettswood Reserve (next to the Burwood Campus of Deakin University). The other 50% of games are played at the opposition’s home ground. Fortunately, most club affiliated with the BHRDCA are locally based which minimises the travel required for any away games.

  • What costs are involved?

    To join any competitive club (including Deakin Cricket Club), there are two main costs involved:
    1) There is an annual membership fee that must be paid by all players. This fee is used by the club to help towards some of the costs associated with running a community cricket club (ground and pavilion rental from the local Council, team registration fees, power and water bills, public liability insurance etc.). We offer discounted membership fees to any full-time student regardless of the Educational Institution that they are enrolled with. There are also discounted membership fees for any player only participating exclusively in the T20, Veterans or Legends teams. A link to the most recent membership fees can be found here.
    2) There are also match day fees which are required to be paid to the club on any day/evening that you are in participating in a match. This fee is usually $10 and must be paid on every match day throughout the season. This system ensures that you only pay for the matches that you actually participate in. There are no discounts for anybody for match day fees as they help the club recover the cost of buying match balls, providing club equipment and any associated umpires fees where applicable.

  • What clothing and equipment do I need?

    Players are required to purchase and wear Deakin Cricket Club clothing only while representing the club in matches. DCC clothing can be purchased on the DCC Store on All clothing are custom made on order and hence may have a 2-4 week order period. For the period between your clothing order is available, you can wear plain white cricket clothing or speak with a committee member for more information. It is a BHRDCA league rule and Deakin CC expectation that all players where appropriate cricket shoes (predominantly white), white cricket pants and a cricket shirt in matches. Our club sells an extensive range of Deakin CC clothing which includes DCC branded white t-shirts, white pants, coloured T-20 t-shirts, coloured navy pants, training shirts, hoodeis and more to cover for all your requirements.
    Anyone wanting to play in our T20 team must purchase the club’s Navy Blue T20 top – it is the official club uniform for all T20 matches that we participate in. White cricket shoes and pants are worn with the T20 top.
    For training, players are expected to wear either a white cricket shirt or a Deakin Cricket Club top like the T20 shirt. Players should then wear items that they are comfortable in like shorts and runners.
    The Deakin Cricket Club provides free cricket equipment for players to use at our training sessions and any matches that you play for the club. This equipment includes helmets, bats, batting pads and gloves, thigh guards, boxes and wicketkeeping gloves. Most players however choose to purchase their own equipment to use at practice and in matches.

  • When is training held?

    Once the season starts in October, training is held on every Tuesday and Thursday evening from approximately 5:30pm up until about 7:30pm when daylight savings is active until the beginning of March. The exceptions to this are when T20 matches are scheduled, if it is a Public Holiday and for the short break period around Christmas and New Year. During the cricket season training is held at Bennettswood Reserve either on the oval itself or in the cricket nets located next to the pavilion. The club also trains in the six weeks or so leading up to any season (pre season). These training sessions generally combine a mixture of outdoor sessions at Bennettswood Reserve in the cricket nets (free) and indoor sessions at Maddocks Sports in Blackburn (cost associated). Details about the pre season training dates and venue and published on the club website and Facebook page by August.

  • How do I join the club?

    To join the club, we recommend that any interested player attend a couple of training sessions. Then, if you feel comfortable with the standard of cricket and are expecting to be available during most of our playing times and days, we ask you to fill in a simple registration form and arrange for payment of your annual membership fee.

  • What expectations are there?

    All members of the club are expected to be friendly and respectful towards all other players, opposition and officials regardless of differences in culture, experience or opinion. Players are expected to adhere to the training expectations of wearing a cricket top and match day expectations of wearing appropriate cricket shoes, pants and top. Players must pay their annual membership fee and have attended training at least three times before they will be considered for selection in one of our teams. Furthermore, players are expected to have trained at least once in the week leading up to a game to be considered for selection. All players are expected to bring an afternoon tea item to share with the opposition for all home 1st XI, 2nd XI, Veterans and Legends matches (e.g sandwiches, chopped up fruit, sweet or savoury items). Finally, members are expected to contribute to the development of the club and add to the social atmosphere by attending organised functions and socialising with fellow members after training sessions and matches. Most of all, enjoy the cricket that you participate in and share your passion for the game.

  • Why should I choose Deakin Cricket Club?

    Deakin Cricket Club has a great location at Bennettswood Reserve with easy access by car and plenty of parking. The ground is also serviced by the #75 Tram and the #201, 281 and 767 buses. We have a very picturesque setting with Gardiners Reserve adjacent to our ground. Recently, a new multi-million dollar pavilion was built for our ground. Furthermore, we have also installed a large electronic scoreboard that can be used for all matches. Our ground has also recently undergone re-surfacing, giving our club some of the best facilities in the league and area! Apart from great facilities, we are a friendly and diverse club that successfully incorporates a broad range of cultures and ages. We pride ourselves on playing hard but fairly on the field, achieving regular success, and then equally enjoying the social aspects of being part of a club outside of cricket. We are always looking for enthusiastic crickets to join our club (particularly before the start of each season) to share our love of cricket with.