Deakin Cricket Club originally started out as Parks Cricket Club, which was a single team club formed in 1975/76 and based at Wattle Park High School. In 1976/77, the club won its first Premiership in just its second year of existence. Before season 1977/78, the club merged with Surrey Park Combine to become Parks Combine Cricket Club, and were then based at the Lower East Oval at Surrey Park; becoming a three senior team club. In 1984/85, member growth resulted in a 4th XI team and Under 16’s team being formed (both only lasting for one season). In season 1986/87, the club was renamed Surrey Park Cricket Club to indicate its home base; it also won a 1st XI Premiership in that season. The club also won 1st XI Premierships in seasons 1989/90 and 1993/94. Following the latest premiership win, player numbers dropped off and in 1994/95, the club dropped back to being a single senior team club. In 1997/98, the club relocated to Bennettswood Reserve following a Council request and won the 1st XI premiership. After the end of the 1998/99 season, the club merged with Mountain Crusaders Cricket Club to become Deakin Cricket Club and entered a second team the following season.

As Deakin Cricket Club based at Bennettswood Reserve, we won the 1st XI Premiership in 1999/2000. The club then won back-to-back 1st XI premierships in 2003/04 and 2004/05. In 2005/06, the club entered its first Veterans (Over 40s) team. In season 2006/07, the club won another 1st XI Premiership. Four seasons after being formed, the club won the 2008/09 Vets Premiership. In season 2014/15, the club entered its first T20 team. Season 2015/16 saw the club break its 10 year 1st XI Premiership drought, winning the Dorothy McIntosh Shield grade. In 2016/17, the club won both its maiden 2nd XI Premiership and T20 Premiership. The next season saw the club enter an Over 50s Legends team in addition to the Over 40s Veterans team. The Over 50s team went through the 2017/18 season undefeated to take out the Premiership in it’s first season. Season 2018/19 saw the opening of new clubrooms at Bennettswood Reserve as well as the addition of a large electronic scoreboard. In 2019/20, the Over 50s Legends Team again won the Premiership.